The Power Guy Ltd Complete All Distribution work in the North Island from Service mains to large subdivisions,transformers,poles and much much more. Our dedicated team are highly trained and extremely proud of their work quality and reputation. We have been working together for many years and have modern equipment and a wide range of knowledge to ensure our customers get value for money. We have completed many large projects such as Installation of Ultra Fast Fibre both in Auckland and a large part of Waiheke Island. Change hundreds of crossarms and associated hardware on Vectors Network under the Chorus pole replacement project. Worked on the Right of Way project for three years replacing  power poles that are often in difficult areas including volcanic rock areas working well with other contractors and down narrow driveways in our purpose built line truck.


Chris Bright

Chris has over 20 years experience contracting in Power Distribution, Started at W.E.P.B in 1989 in Stores later moving onto Lines and then completing his training with M&I Power Construction He has experience working with companies such as Northpower, Vector, Siemens, Energex, Electrix and UGL AUS/NZ ,Fulton Hogan, Hilor, Kiwirail to name a few.  He has an extensive diverse knowledge in all aspects of distribution construction and maintenance. 

Whilst in Australia, he held the role of Construction Manager for Balfour Beatty UGL overseeing Transmission works in Queensland and New South Wales projects.  Subsequently was involved with installing the largest overhead 500kv Conductor pulled in Australia in Sydney West.

Competed in linemechanic competition 2004 came first place then managed team 2005 first place again.


Robert Bright

Our youngest but incredibly skilled foreman. Robert brings a passionate modern approach with a new perspective to all projects he is involved with. Trained by highly skilled and  talented linemechanics from Warkworth Northpower his experience shows in the quality of work his team provides. Placing Third at the Connexis 2015 Linemechanics Competition with Northpower Wellington crew was a great achievement. Extremely competent overhead lineman, Rob also has completed hundreds of Tud Pit and Pillar installations and has carried out extensive cable laying installations.


Yvonne Bright

Yvonne comes from a Banking background so is crucial in the running of the Company. She is the brains of the team and developed our phone App which talks to Northpowers paperwork making the never ending paper trail much easier for both us and Northpowers Managers.

She handles all aspects of Invoicing for the company so she is the person to contact regarding any payments.