Frequently Asked Questions:

·         Power or Solar?

While Solar has come a long way in recent years you need to factor in costs of replacing or maintaining batteries etc…Depending on initial outlay it could take many years to see any real savings so our advice is to make your decision based on long term not initial costs.


·         Where does my responsibility start?

This can be difficult depending if Rural or Residential. Usually the last pole closest to your house is the “Demarcation Pole” and should have a Network fuse fitted for isolation. In Rural areas however it is not uncommon that you own numerous poles on your property so to be sure contact your Network owner for clarification.


·         What difference in cost is Underground compared to Overhead?

Generally overhead is considerably cheaper however you may not have that option if in residential areas. If you would like us to quote both options please ask.


·         Can I supply my own Poles or Cable etc ?

Unfortunately No. We are obligated to give guarantees on our supplied materials and installation and have a responsibility to Network owners that we are using approved materials, we believe we are very cost efficient and are happy to discuss your quote further if needed.


·         My Power is Off how soon can you be here?

We understand it is frustrating without power and will always do our best to be there within a few hours. We recommend waiting until morning if power goes off at night as we can achieve a lot more in the daytime hours.


·         How Long will my food last in my fridge/freezer without power?

An unopened refrigerator will keep your food cool for at least 2 hours.  A freezer that is half full will be okay for up to 24 hours and a full freezer for 48 hours

Please see following helpful link for more information:


·         Can I dig my own trench for underground power?

Yes: However be warned there may be council requirements and traffic control requirements if on berm. Also any trench needs to meet very specific requirements as to depth, no rocks and also you will need to check for other services. We strongly recommend letting us or an approved Contractor do the trenching.


·         Why is a new installation so expensive?

We believe we are extremely cost effective and competitive. The Training and Compliance costs to ensure our staff give you the best available service does not come cheap. Also remember a well built power supply or line should last 30 years or more.


·         Does The Power Guy Ltd Guarantee its work?

Yes: We will repair or replace any installed work completed within two years of invoice date.

Only exclusions are normal wear and tear,damage from tree roots for underground or where someone hits a cable with digger etc or natural disasters.

We have never had a claim yet!


·         What are your payment terms?

As with all major power contractors our terms are full payment before work is booked. Minimum of two weeks prior to job unless otherwise agreed.


·         How do I get power connected once job is completed?

Depending on type of job you may have to call your retailer for connection, please ask our staff if unsure.